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April 25, 2018

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MATERNITY & NURSING BRAS: Busting The Myths Wide Open

March 18, 2017

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June 14, 2018

Who would have thought, even a year ago, I'd be having conversations about nappies? But in actual fact, there is SO much to talk about.

From cloth to disposable, which creams are the best (obviously we all want to use the fragrance free, chemical free, colour free, animal cruelty free organic brand) but seriously, who has R150 spare a month for a baby bum cream?

That's R3 600 just on your littles ones tush, assuming she's potty trained by her 2nd birthday.


Now that we've chosen our preffered nappy, AND cream AND which brand of wipes, the thing no-one talks about is the sport of changing said nappy!


When did my child become a contortionist? One minute she was lying there calmly awaiting a fresh new nappy, 9 months later, the second she has a bare bum (how cute are they) she can bend and twist like she belongs in a circus. So, I have finally cleaned necessary bits, and managed to get cream on the important bits, new nappy at the ready... and she suddenly starts "air-running"!

Those little legs move so fast, its like she's in the final for the 50 meter sprint.

If nappy changing were an Olympic sport, personally I think it should be, I'd probably score myself 7/10 for speed and a 4 for fit... seriously, who gets those sticky tabs on right first time?). Leaving me with a grand total of 11/20. 


Phew! I take a bow and sit down for a breather, knowing we'll get another chance to better the score in 2 hours time. 

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