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Pregeez offers a large variety of maternity and breastfeeding clothing brands that are designed to encompass all aspects of your lifestyle during pregnancy through to motherhood.

All of our suppliers design their collections to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy and we have selected a comprehensive mix of designs, balancing style and comfort with quality and functionality. 

We strive to offer maternity wardrobe solutions for every occasion. 

We also stock a variety of maternity garments that are especially designed to be worn through your pregnancy and breastfeeding stage, with unique, concealed breastfeeding access points, allowing you to breastfeed discreetly in public.


We also stock a selection of other maternity accessories, including maternity bands & underwear, post-birth bands and shaping garments as well as nursery linen, furniture & accessories.


Every expectant mom deserves to be dressed in comfort while looking gorgeous!

The clothing that we stock is designed that your clothes will remain fitted and comfortable throughout your pregnancy without feeling restrictive.  To choose the correct size for you, use your pre-pregnancy size as a guide.  Only if you have gained a little more weight do we suggest you go one dress size up.




Have any questions or concerns ? We’re always ready to help!

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Choosing your maternity size is really simple. Our garments are engineered to match your pre-pregnancy size so you can simply stay with that size. If you are expecting twins or if you know you are carrying a bit extra, no stress, just go up one size.

As a guide our S is a size 8, M is a 10,  L is for size 12s, XL fits a size 14 and XXL is good for sizes 16-18.